Mar de Margaritas: the womenswear project where Belén opens her heart to a world of sweet memories and timeless style. 

"No olvido nada, lo llevo todo en mi, como un film hecho y personal. Los últimos kilómetros rogando están para verte al llegar con tu vestido hecho de un mar de margaritas.”

These words, the inspiration behind the project, are part of the love song written and sung by Gustavo Rodriguez for his wife, Veronica. Conceived during one of his many work trips around Argentina, the song creates a world of emotions and recollections that still accompany the family to this day. Belen, Cecilia and Jeremias were born and raised with this unbreakable bond and an innate need to create.

Mar de Margaritas finds its origin in the smallest things: affectionate gestures, gentle images, the daisies drawn on the apron that Veronica wears around the house, waiting for the family to be reunited again. A picture of daily beauty inspiring Gustavo's song, then and Belén's new clothing line, now.

The collection features dresses, skirts and blouses designed to restore freedom and the chance to dream and feel good about themselves to the women of our time. The garments were created to perfectly fit every body shape, curve, and woman: the body is free to move, to be and be loved.

Floral patterns are the absolute protagonists of the brand; they are contemporary declinations of the daisies inhabiting the memories of the Rodriguez family and perfectly blend with a creative vision that celebrates a modern (and floral) femininity: strong yet delicate, various and beautiful in all its shapes.

Mar de Margaritas conveys the need to go back to loving, to dreaming, to finding romance and sensibility again. It is an open invitation to explore a romantic style with a Provencal, bohemien soul, well depicted by the careful choice of the designs, colours and prints.

The project was possible thanks to the ongoing partnership with Dream Project, an established company in the fashion world with which Belén and her siblings are working on fellow fashion brand Hinnominate. The creative direction of Mar de Margaritas was entrusted to Fabio Castelli, who has been working closely with Belén for years in a successful and productive synergy.

From the start, Mar de Margaritas was paired with Italian craftsmanship and savoir-faire to ensure quality, uniqueness and a perfect fit. Naturally, the Made in Italy production is an added value to the brand.

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