Timeless floral patterns and dreamy palettes: welcome to Mar de Margaritas

Just for you, we created romantic and colourful clothing; let their design highlight your body shape and watch their nuances brighten your eyes. Explore the new collection and add a touch of unique elegance and femininity to your wardrobe.  

Feeling beautiful, free and in love: Mar de Margaritas

Love is the creative engine of the new project born from the synergy between Belén Rodriguez and Dream Project S.p.A., an established reality in the fashion world, with the creative direction of Fabio Castelli.
Mar de Margaritas is inspired by and dedicated to women who love to feel confident, strong and beautiful every day

The brand offers a curated selection of feminine and colourful garments with a prominent presence of floral patterns and delicate highlights of ton-sur-ton and polka dots. The inspiration behind the collection is a warm Provencal Summer, with its romantic yet sensual vibes: light fabrics, naked shoulders, precious details and soft lines embracing every body type.

Mar de Margaritas follows the body positivity philosophy, imagining every woman as a perfect work of art: never hiding their body, always celebrating and highlighting them. Thanks to a deep study on fitting, the brand embraces a wide range of sizes, with special attention dedicated to the comfort of moms-to-be.

The creative project behind Mar de Margaritas, a result of Belén's efforts and dedication, is ambitious and innovative; our community is the priority and, for them, we have created a simple and intuitive shopping experience, offering a vast selection of items, able to satisfy every need.

Discover the collection and fall in love online.
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